A piece of paradise in your garden

From time immemorial, mankind has been attracted to water. A water feature in a private garden is a source of pleasure, relaxation and serenity. Architects and landscapers have always been inspired by the integration of water in the living space. It is now over 40 years that they trust Elevate’ waterproofing membranes to make their creations come true.

No matter its size or shape, a garden pond creates a beautiful and dazzling space for family and friends to gather around, play and enjoy. The presence of water brings a whole new habitat for butterflies, fireflies and birds, and also a sense of harmony, a special place to relax year-round.

Elevate’s solution for your pond project

Our EPDM waterproofing membranes meet all the environmental and quality requirements for you to be able to enjoy your garden pond for many years. They do not release chemicals into the environment, making them safe for aquatic fauna and flora. Therefore, you can easily complement your decorative pond with all kinds of water plants and flowers, koi fish and various types of goldfish. If you feel particularly inspired, you can further accessorize it with pumps, lights, filters and plenty of other features.

One of the main advantages of our EPDM membranes is how easy they are to install - whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional landscaper - and to maintain. From simple ponds to more elaborate designs including streams, fountains or waterfalls, we have the right waterproofing solution to make your water feature a little piece of paradise in your garden.