Ecocentre in the Czech Republic goes for green with a little help from RubberGard EPDM

The Ecocenter Na Pasece in Velíková (Czech Republic) is an educational organization that emphasizes the natural environment, outdoor activities and free human development. It consists of three buildings that serve as facilities for the forest kindergarten and for educational activities and events for children and parents such as seminars, workshops and camps, among others. 

Project ID

Velíková, Czech Republic


Green roofs

Project type

New Build

Building type

Educational building


348 m² (250 m² + 48 m² + 50 m²)


Elevate RubberGard EPDM 1.1 mm


Fully adhered 

The main building is a two-storey wooden building with its perimeter walls filled with straw bales, with sand-lime finishing on the exterior and clay plaster on the interior. This building houses a seminar room and a kitchen with a spacious dining room. The flat roof of the first floor and the pitched roof of the second floor are both covered with a green roof.

The second building is a low-rise wooden structure that functions as a multi-purpose cottage. Its roof, with a slope of 20 degrees, also features a green roof. The third building of the Ecocentre is a “yurt”, a type of round tent used by nomadic groups in Central Asia.

In total, about 348 m² of Elevate’s RubberGard EPDM membrane were used to waterproof all three roofs. The EPDM roofing system was chosen by the architect in cooperation with Elevate’s Czech distributor as it offered the most environmentally friendly solution, the highest quality and allowed the use of big membranes, reducing the number of seams. Firestone local technicians offered assistance at job start up to ensure a smooth installation.

This project was nominated for the Czech "Green Roof of the Year 2021" award.