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The roof is a large part of the building envelope and has a significant impact on the flow of energy in and out of buildings. Vapor control layers (VCLs) primarily serve to control the migration of moisture through the roof assembly, eliminating the risk for moisture build-up from condensation and ensuring the thermal performance of the insulation. A properly installed vapor control layer also provides air tightness, assisting in controlling energy losses.

Elevate’s range of V-Gard PE vapor control foils are designed to be used as vapor control layers in Elevate roofing systems where insulation is either mechanically attached or loosely laid. It consists of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) based foils rolled and properly protected.

The V-Gard PE 200 and V-Gard PE 400 foils, both anthracite in colour, are made with a high percentage of recycled content. This reduces their environmental impact, while still being easily recyclable at their end-life.

The V-Gard PE 200 E foil meets class E classification following the EN 13501-1 standard for projects with higher fire requirements. It is available in a translucent green colour made of the highest granule quality. 

V-Gard PE foils can be left exposed during installation, keeping their product properties unchanged. The anthracite colour of the V-Gard PE 200 and the V-Gard PE 400 provides additional UV protection. When required, the V-Gard PE vapor control foils can be seamed with the V-Gard PE Seam Tape.


Vapor resistance

The V-Gard PE vapor resistance foils have a vapor resistance value expressed by an Sd (equivalent air layer thickness) of >110 m for the 0.2 mm thick foils and of >220 for the 0.4 mm thick foil.

Safe, quick and easy to install

The installation of V-Gard PE foils is part of a single-ply concept: it is a 100% cold and user-friendly process. They can be used on all common substrates, even at low temperatures. With panel sizes up to 6 m x 50 m, up to 300 m² can be covered with a single roll, reducing the amount of seams.


Chemical resistance

V-Gard PE foils have passed tests following the EN 1847 standard that measures alkali resistance.



V-Gard PE foils are suitable for most substrates while being price competitive for the roof of buildings with limited humidity production.


One-source supplier

The use of V-Gard PE foils ensures a compatible design and high quality performance where all roofing components are supplied and warranted by one manufacturer.


Unlimited shelf-life

When stored under proper conditions, the shelf-life of the V-Gard PE foils is unlimited.



The V-Gard PE 200 and V-Gard PE 400 foils are made of a high percentage of recycled LDPE. Although V-Gard PE 200 E is not made with recycled material, all V-Gard PE products can be easily recycled at the end of their service life.