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The roof is a large part of the building envelope and has a significant impact on the flow of energy in and out of buildings. Vapor control layers (VCLs) primarily serve to control the migration of moisture through the roof assembly, eliminating the risk for moisture build-up from condensation and ensuring the thermal performance of the insulation. A properly installed vapor control layer also provides air tightness, assisting in controlling energy losses.

The Elevate V-Gard ALU 1500 vapor control membrane is designed to be used as a vapor control layer in Elevate roofing systems where insulation is either mechanically attached or loosely laid. It consists of reinforced aluminium foil with a hot-melt adhesive backing protected by a release film. The UV-stabilized polymeric reinforcement provides high strength to the membrane, guaranteeing an excellent mechanical performance. This reinforcement also makes the membrane resistant to foot traffic during installation.

The strong adhesion of the hot-melt backing eases installation and offers good self-adhesive seaming performance. This, together with the UV-stabilized polymeric foil surface of the V-Gard ALU 1500 membrane, provides temporary protection to the substrate, based on certain conditions. V-Gard ALU 1500 can be applied over metal and wooden roof decks. Please contact our technical department for the complete list of approved substrates or for additional technical information.


Excellent vapor resistance

Vapor resistance value is expressed by an Sd (equivalent air layer thickness) of >1,500 m. It is therefore suitable for most roofs.


Efficient air barrier

V-Gard ALU 1500 can be adhered to most substrates, minimizing air leaks and contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Safe and easy to install

The installation of V-Gard ALU 1500 is part of a single-ply concept, thanks to its high-performing backing adhesive: it is a 100% cold and user-friendly process that does not require open flame. It is suitable to be used on substrates such as plywood, OSB and metal decks.


Good seaming and adhesion to the substrate

V-Gard ALU 1500 has one of the best performance of its category, due to its hot-melt backing adhesive.


Preprinted overlap marking

The overlap marking printed on one side of the V-Gard ALU 1500 membrane further facilitates installation.


Resistant to foot traffic

The engineered composition of V-Gard ALU 1500 provides high mechanical performance. Its strong physical properties make it suitable for direct application onto metal decks, limiting the risk of tears caused by foot traffic.


Low calorific value

The V-GARD ALU 1500 has a calorific value lower <11,600 kJ/m², which is needed in markets with high fire requirements.


One-source supplier

The use of V-Gard ALU 1500 ensures a compatible design and high quality performance where all roofing components are supplied and warranted by one manufacturer.


Minimal packaging

Each roll of V-Gard Alu 1500 comes in a belly band wrap, which minimizes waste.




0.2 mm


1.5 m


100 m


>1500 m


≤11,600 kJ/m2