Elevate’s PondGard EPDM used to line water feature in prestigious Russian business school

Sberbank is the largest banking institution in Russia and Eastern Europe. In 2016, the Sberbank Corporate University opened a new complex in a picturesque area close to Moscow, meeting the most up-to-date standards of leading business schools around the world.

Project ID

Moscow, Russia


Streams, Fountains and Waterfalls


12,200 m²


PondGard EPDM

The landscape project was developed by well-known designers. The main goal was to integrate the ornamental ponds, streams and waterfalls into the natural landscape. There were very strict requirements for waterproofing materials, as very heavy boulders and stones were to be placed on top of the membrane.

Moscow-based contractor GK GLOBUS International installed about 12,200 m² of Elevate’s PondGard EPDM lining membrane to waterproof an 800 m long decorative pond with a depth ranging from 0.6 to 2 meters. Koi fish were then added to the pond.

Robust and flexible, PondGard EPDM is ideal for reproducing a natural landscape with streams and waterfalls. It is chemically inert and resistant to algae and micro-organisms, which makes it safe for aquatic flora and fauna.