GeoSmart EPDM offers sustainable cover for bunker silo at French dairy farm

The Gaec farm is located in Jallais, western France. In order to feed its 320 dairy cows in winter, the farm has 7 large bunker silos where they store forage. In their constant search for high-performance and durable products, in 2017 the owners decided to cover one of the bunker silos with Elevate’s GeoSmart EPDM 0.80 mm thick membrane.

Project ID

Beaupréau-en-Mauges, France


Silage covers


750 m²


GeoSmart EPDM 0.80 mm

From the start, they found that the installation of the cover was relatively fast and that in operation, the silo management was facilitated by the limited amount of ballast needed. In a second step, they confirmed the excellent conservation of the corn and the reduction of losses at the top of the silo.

Reusable over several years, the GeoSmart EPDM cover allows to significantly reduce the waste generated by the farm, especially when compared to traditional LDPE plastic tarps.

Convinced of the quality of the system, in 2019 the farm owners ordered a second GeoSmart EPDM silo cover, with the plan to progressively cover all remaining silos in the same way.