Compensation ponds lined with GeoSmart EPDM help protect Austrian amphibian population

Compensation ponds are artificial water reservoirs used to compensate for natural areas lost to land development. In 2019, Elevate’s GeoSmart EPDM lining membrane was used to waterproof 5 amphibian compensation ponds near Spritkönig (Austria). These artificial wetlands were created to mitigate the environmental impact related to the building of a nearby highway, promoting the development of the local flora and fauna (frogs, snakes, salamanders...) and enriching the biodiversity of the area.

Project ID

Spritkönig, Austria


Compensation ponds


5 ponds of 950 m²


GeoSmart EPDM 1,2 mm

A total of 1,000 m² of GeoSmart EPDM were installed in the 5 compensation ponds by a local landscaping company. In order to facilitate and speed up the installation process, the membrane panels were pre-assembled at the factory so that each pond could be covered with only one panel and no seams or detailing had to be done onsite. The pre-assembled panels were delivered on pallets and the installation simply consisted in unrolling and unfolding the membrane. It took an average of 30 minutes to a team of 10 workers to waterproof each pond.