Pond in Polish city park goes the natural way with PondGard EPDM

In 2015, the authorities of the Polish town of Zdunska Wola decided to renovate the city’s municipal park, including the renovation of the existing pond.

Project ID

Zdunska Wola, Poland


Swimming pond


14,000 m²


PondGard EPDM 1 mm

A tender for the design and construction was announced. The winning concept proposed not to create a new standard decorative pond, but to completely rebuild the existing one, transforming it into a natural pond with natural filtration.

Because of the abundance of space available, it was possible to create a separate smaller pond for the filtration. So instead of having two areas, as in a regular natural swimming pond, the renovation consisted in creating two separate ponds. In the small pond, the water is naturally threated by plants, a mix of gravels and filters, and then it is pumped back into the larger recreation pond.

In total, approximately 14,000 m² of Elevate’s PondGard EPDM membrane with a thickness of 1 mm were installed by landscaping company Re-Natura to waterproof the renovated ponds.

Works in the park began in 2016. The renovation of the ponds started in 2017 and was finished in 2019.