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Elevate UltraPly TPO seals roof of brand new swimming pool complex in Aalst 

Since the end of 2022, Aalst residents are able to enjoy a brand new swimming pool complex. Aquatopia Aalst consists of two large swimming pools, an instruction pool, a recreational area, 220 meter slides and a multifunctional gym.

Project ID

Aalst, Belgium

Project type

New Build

Building type

Sports building

Roof surface

9,200 m²

Product used

UltraPly TPO 1.5 mm

System used

Fully adhered + solar roof

Slangen + Koenis Architecten, specialized in swimming and sports facilities, was responsible for the design, while the general contractor was Vita Group, specialist in the development of swimming pool and sports infrastructure. Experienced roofing company Roteam was in charge of the installation of the waterproofing system on the building’s 9,200 square meter roof. They opted for Elevate's white UltraPly TPO thermoplastic membrane for a durable, reflective solution that was also compatible with the photovoltaic installation.

UltraPly TPO is at the same time aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly. Its light color reflects the sunlight and, together with the insulation, keeps the heat out better and increases the efficiency of the solar panels (4,000 square meters in total). As it contains no plasticizers, UltraPly TPO can easily achieve a lifespan of 30 to 35 years.

Complete roofing system

The Aquatopia roofing system complex consists of four layers. From the bottom up: steel deck, bituminous vapor barrier, PIR insulation and finally the UltraPly TPO roofing membrane. The latter was fully adhered over the PIR insulation boards with bonding adhesive using a spreader for speed of installation.

More than 90 square meters could be sealed with one panel of UltraPly TPO membrane (using 3.05 wide x 30.5 m long rolls). This resulted in fewer seams on the roof and, above all, an unprecedented installation speed. The weather conditions were no obstacle, as the settings of the hot air machine with which the seams were welded together can be adjusted to colder temperatures. This means that the UltraPly TPO membrane can be installed all year round.